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While most of his peers try to score a sneaker deal, Lil B has broken new endorsement territory teaming with Follow your Heart (the company behind Veganaise and your other fav vegan food products probably) to create a rare vegetable themed emoji app.

Perhaps even more useful than the original Basedmoji, vegEMOJI features a jar of Veganaise for every occasion, as well as a host of handy slogans like ‘cool people are kind to animals’ and doubles as a locator for Follow your Heart stockists.

Follow your heart’s director of Accounting Matt Duraj explains the collab, saying “…It couldn’t be a better fit. Follow Your Heart has built a grassroots following over the last 40 years as the highest-quality manufacturer of vegan foods such as Vegenaise (the best sandwich spread in the world), the same way that Lil B built his following and became the most well-known independent artist of our time. Lil B stands for love, positivity, and being true to yourself, and he also stands behind our principles of quality, compassion, and sustainability. We’re so excited to be spreading positivity with Lil B! Follow Your Heart and keep it (plant) based!”

Tru, but really ‘TYBG for this important opportunity’ would have sufficed.


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