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July is among the top three most common months to have your birthday. It also happens to be the birth month of rapper Childish Major, whose birthday lands on July 4. Considering that’s a pretty big deal in the states, there’s no doubt that a lot of people would appreciate a track that is so easy to vibe to much like his latest song ‘Happy Birthday,’ which hit SoundCloud only a couple of hours ago. The song features two members of the TDE fam, Isaiah Rashad and SZA, and makes for a pretty satisfying collaboration that also leaves a promise for more, as written in the song’s bio.

‘My first official single featuring my good friends Isaiah Rashad & the amazing SZA. This is just the beginning. Pay attention to the level up!” That’s more than enough to get us hyped, as this chilled-out birthday tune is one for the fans. Even the artwork for the track came from Twitter.

Yep, the power of the DMs strike again. Give it a play below and you might just feel like it’s your birthday too. After all, we’re still celebrating our birthday – and happy birthday Childish Major as well!

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