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Weekly updates

Early last week, I was shattered to discovered that my digital copy of GTA: San Andreas had received a content-shaving update that removed nearly 20 songs from its radio stations including some of the better cuts from the early-90’s hip-hop selection. I only boot the game back up maybe once every eight months or so but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth to know that never again will I be able to cruise Los Santos streets blaring NWA’s ‘Express Yourself’ or 2Pac’s ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck’.

But the times are changing and while the content on San Andreas’ old city streets grows thinner and mustier, GTA V’s music selection is stacking on mad gains. Grand Theft’s transition to new platforms has brought with it a slew of great new content including first-person mode and a bunch of new music and amongst these is the rap song I’ve seriously been waiting to happen since the 2 High 2 Die tour. Yep, Bam Bam and the Adderall Admiral have bumped their kingly heads together and squirted out ‘Bad News’, one of the most cartoonishly sinister sounding tracks I’ve heard in a long time.

This really could be the most appropriate choice for a GTA radio track with shouts of ‘Danny, get the car!’ and subject content so devoid of morals that it would give Jack Thompson an explosive heart attack if he heard so much of a second of it. Plug into it above.

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