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Listen: Deer gives Maribelle’s ‘About You’ a dancefloor-ready remix

And to celebrate the release, we get to know (almost) everything about the two Melbourne artists

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Maribelle continues her forward trajectory this year, in the lead-up to her debut EP, with a series of remixes of her soulful Penthouse Penthouse-assisted single ‘About You’. First off the bat is fellow Melbourne artist Deer, with a rework that takes the sultry track straight to the club, injecting his characteristic production style to the R&B tune. And with Maribelle’s lush vocals still ringing in our ears, we decided to turn the tables on the musos, and asked them to reveal five low-key facts about themselves. Hit play on this stellar first effort below, turn up the volume, and stay tuned for more heat to come from Maribelle in the near future.

01. 5 things you (probably) didn't know about Maribelle

1. I own record label (Crush Club Records) and run a publishing company (Defs Not Publishing)

2. I play piano, guitar & the drums

3. I do a lot of background vocals for other artists. You can hear me on KYLE, Seth Sentry, Spit Syndicate and soon, Illy’s songs.

4. I’ve never been in love but I write about love constantly

5. I secretly love watching myth busters and videos about sand art

02. 5 things you (probably) didn't know about Deer

1. I host a weekly podcast called Breath Cushion

2. I just got a new haircut but my girlfriend hates it

3. I am in the middle of recording my new EP

4. I’m going to the USA in June

5. My snapchat is @deermelb