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Weekly updates

The word ‘enigmatic’ gets thrown around a lot, but Fifty Grand has it on lock. The self-described ‘✡ROACH QUEEN✡’ has a Facebook laced with philosophical musings and a SoundCloud packed with creeping bass, skittering hi-hats and reverbed-out atmospherics. Now, we’re the first to share Fifty Grand’s Join You (The October Demos) EP. It’s a darker, sparser, more sedate(d) affair, and it comes with a heavy backstory:

8 months ago someone close to my heart died tragically and unexpectedly. I took to music for healing purposes and made these songs. I can’t imagine revisiting them now and working them to a different level of completion, so here they are, untouched as of last October.

For Sammi April 2, 1992 – October 9, 2012

Listen below.