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After announcing via Twitter earlier this week that a new release was imminent, Kid Cudi more than delivered on the first single off his forthcoming album Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven. ‘Confused’ is reminiscent of Cudder’s previous work on WZRD and Indicud, and details his continued search for inner-peace and long wrenched battled with depression and sadness. While many will argue that they want the ‘old-school Cudi back’, the grungy, Nirvana’-esque sound he has been channelling as of late seems to compliment his voice so well and, as indicated by the man himself, will be the direction his latest project follows.

For the minute, Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven hasn’t been given an official release date, but you can expect it drop before year’s end.

You can check out ‘Confused’ right down below.

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