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Milwaukee Banks sport the kind of tonality and form that makes them unmistakable when you hear them the second or third time around. I’m not sure whether it’s that tiny, occasional taste of Dyl Thomas’ accent on the verses or their choice of synths and beat arrangements, but it only takes one listen to be able to detect the overall Milwaukee Banks sound.

The duo’s diversity in pursuing a fixed tonal point was something I mentioned last time we listened in to MB and this latest collaboration with Andrei Eremin only solidifies the point. Eremin’s dabbled with Banks before in his remix of Sweater Made of Gold (check it out in the gallery above) but where that had more of a Mount Kimbie feel to it, this track is blanketed in Cloud Rap vibez and we dig it.

If you love the track as much as we do, we’ve got some pretty swell news. You can catch Milwaukee Banks tomorrow night (November 20) for FREE at Section 8 and Ferdydurke along with a slew of other stellar local talent. For more information, click dis.

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