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Listen: Prince feat. Big Daddy Kane – ‘Batdance (Remix)’

PSA—we have been blessed with a new Prince track

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‘Batdance’ is the abandoned remix with Big Daddy Kane from 26 years ago that will give you a bit of new Prince to ease the pain of the world’s recent loss. Coming off the 1989 movie Batman by Tim Burton, which was also the title of the artist’s 11th studio album, this track is like striking eight minutes worth of pure gold.

So how exactly does any Prince song remain unreleased? According to producer John Luongo in an interview with LA Times, it was merely a case of the song being unpopular with Warner Bros. “The whole thing, recording, mix, and editing, took a day and a half. But I had a deadline! I remember FedEx was there waiting as I did my best to finish up, so we could make the next plane to rush it over to L.A. and Minnesota to let Warner Bros. and Prince hear what I had done. … And then Warner Bros. said they didn’t like it; it was too different. And that was it. They didn’t release it.”

If this track didn’t sit right with Warner Bros. then hopefully the same thing happened elsewhere in the world and we could keep getting more Prince tracks coming our way. Well, one can only dream. Check out the song below.

R.I.P Prince.

Prince – “Batdance” (Remix) (Feat. Big Daddy Kane) from Hetal on Vimeo.

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