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REMI is currently touring Europe but that hasn’t stopped him from dropping a new mixtape featuring 7 tracks playing tribute to some of the artists and albums that have inspired Remi and Sensible J over the years.

Last week REMI dropped ‘Weridos (From Planet HOB)’, the first track from the Call it What You Want mixtape which was well received by the blog scene and by us here at ACCLAIM. Thematically the mixtape covers everything from domestic violence to the Melbourne night life. Check out some of REMI’s liner notes on each track below:

1. ‘Put it Down’

“This first instalment is a flip of Nick Cave’s ’15 Feet of Pure White Snow’. Sensible J’s been a fan for a while and we thought it would be rad to chop it up in typical Sensible J style. Bouncing. Hence I spat some straight rap shit over it, cause who doesn’t like doing that?”

2. ‘Weirdos (From Planet HOB)’

“In Rainbows is one of my favourite albums of all time, J’s also. It wouldn’t be fair to make a regular Hip Hop joint out of it either, so it came out as this weird drum and bass hybrid ting, which is why the theme was about being weird. I’m super proud of how J approached the beat, when someone flips one of your favourite songs of all time, you need it to be amazing. I personally think he did a crazy job with it. This song is dedicated to anybody left of centre”.

3. Hey You

“This joint was literally done in an hour over one of Can’s most popular tracks. Dunno where the lyric inspiration stemmed from specifically, probably a recent news story, either way I’ve always had a mad issue with violence against women. It’s a disgusting trait in weak over-bearing men. So I took shots on this joint, and I hope they hit real fucking hard”.

4. ‘Putty World’

“Hiatus Kaiyote, apart from being some of the best people we know, are probably the most exciting musical act to emerge in the last decade. Yup I said it, and the fact that they are from our home town, makes it all the more special. J’s had this beat in his head, ever since he first heard ‘The World Softly Lulls’ . So I just spat some peace for the world type shit over it and Voila”.

5. ‘There Goes the Neighbourhood’

“I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know much about Tool at all. However J loooooooooves alternative-prog rock and when he flipped their joint ‘Schism’ I didn’t need to know anything about ’em, this beat is crazy! The joint is a dedication to our home grown, self-owned Crew/Label HOB (House of Beige)”

6. ‘Melbourne Knights’

“The flip in this one is The Police – ‘Wrapped Around Your Finger’.  My whole fam were huge Police fans, so as soon as J played me the joint, I knew it was their distinct dope arse sound. The topic is about when I got jumped. Have a listen”.

7. ‘False Royalty’

“Now we all know, especially J knows, that this is most-likely the 100,000th flip of MJ’s human nature… but…
1. This beat has been sitting on his MP for the last 5 years.
2.  This whole tape is about sampling our favourite artists of all time and representing our influences, I doubt there’s an artist alive that hasn’t been influenced by the king of pop.

Shouts to Daniel Merriweather for ‘Hook’ing us up on this joint, as always he was more than exceptional”.

You can download the full mixtape for free from REMI’s BandCamp.

In celebration of their new mixtape REMI will be retuning for a four date Australian tour.

REMI ‘Call It What You Want’ Australian Tour

Sydney – Saturday June 6 – Come Together Festival
Brisbane – Sunday June 7 – Black Bear Lodge
Melbourne – Friday June 12 – Northcote Social Club
Adelaide – Saturday June 13 – Rocket Bar

Tickets are available here.

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