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Weekly updates

Mary J Blige’s Family Affair is one of the best R&B songs of the noughts. Don’t argue with me – it’s dancefloor certified. Hearing it envokes dear memories of a multi-cultural packed dancefloor, no fights, drank in my cup (blue Alize most likely), joie de vivre of being 18 at a time when club R&B was king.

It’s remix and sample-ability has only further enforced its pop-culture relevance and longevity within dance music. Like it chopped, screwed and slowed down? See Fabiane Luttenberger,┬áDeep House your thing? Made to Move‘s got you (special shout out to Louie Fresco and MK) and now XXYYXX has sampled Mary J for his new single Zygote.

Keeping it uptempo and short at 2 and a half minutes, this finishes just as you start to really get into it.