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Okay, we know Kanye already did ‘Christmas in Harlem‘ but if you were looking for a full length Kanye West Christmas Album, this is probably the closest thing you’re going to get. At least until his God fixation becomes a Klaus fixation.

Soundcloud user Local Business Comedy¬†just dropped a track-for-track yuletide reinterpretation of West’s magnum opus (to many)¬†Yeezus. It features such brilliant regifted bars as this one on ‘Red Hat Head’:

Billions of gifts that I left / In my red vest / I’m so swift / 24 hours all on shift / 24 BluRay I hot gift / Rudolph we living in the moment / Your nose is glowing red I know it / I’m real excited cos it’s snowing / Ho ho hoin’ / Ho ho hoin’

Given West’s well documented messiah complex, it’s strangely fitting to enjoy an album on the eve of Jesus’ birth. I know what I’ll be blaring as I place my red duct-tape gifts underneath my minimalistic, unadorned Christmas tree tonight.

Check out the full album out above.

It’s an ACCLAIM Christmas, Charlie Brown!

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