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Nina Las Vegas gets D∆WN’s ‘Honest’ weekend-ready

This will pump you up for the weekend

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One of the most recent Soundcloud comments on D∆WN’s single, ‘Honest’, is “I want a nightcore version of this”. The song is a part of her Infrared EP, and is originally very chilled out featuring Dawn’s mellow vocals. It’s quite soothing with a prominent percussion featured throughout. However, DJ / producer / label head / all-round awesome person Nina Las Vegas got her hands on the track and did what she does best, flipping the original song and providing that one person pretty much what they wanted. Keeping Dawn’s incredible vocals, Nina plays around with the supporting beats to create something that is more likely to be played on a sweaty Saturday night rather than a chill Sunday afternoon. Featuring some of her characteristically upbeat synth and percussion choices, as well as a sexy af bass line, hitting play on this remix will automatically get you ready for the weekend.

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