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Noah Slee’s Guide to the Berlin Music Scene

To celebrate the release of his new EP, Berlin-based R&B singer Noah Slee gives us his guide to the Berlin music scene.

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To celebrate the release of his new EP Twice, we asked New Zealand-born, Berlin-based R&B musician Noah Slee to give us his guide to the Berlin music scene. “Berlin is on fire. The city’s techno, house, and alternative scene have been a vital source of inspiration for me. But there is a huge range of R&B, soul, and hip-hop inspired artists who have made an everlasting mark on the scene. From artists born and raised in Berlin to expats like myself calling Berlin their new home. This is my guide to Berlin’s finest, and many of the artists I’m fortunate enough to call my friends.”

JuJu Rogers
JuJu has the heart of the people. Everyone speaks so highly of him and I too have so much respect for his art and his message.

Lie Ning
Amazing soul and captivating presence. I booked Lie Ning for my monthly party, ‘Higher Ground’ and for someone who has just released their debut EP he carries himself like someone who’s been doing it forever. Not only that—he will speak to your soul.

Mikey is a powerhouse, with a voice that is unique and deeply moving. Mikey is one of the most pioneering and inspiring artists I know.

If there’s any duo you want at your party, it’s Fhat. Not only are their songs catchy but they are witty and amazing performers. We also have a song together called ‘Do That’ which is on my EP.

Madsius Ovanda
I just love this song so much. So many different influences in one song. You can hear Pia’s voice laced through most of my EP—she definitely adds a butter like texture with her smooth tone.

He takes you on a journey with different sounds and tempos that fit any mood. I know he has new music on the way and I’m so HYPED for this. He’s originally from the UK, but he’s definitely one to watch and this video is amazing.

If you’re ever in the city and want to dance I suggest you look her up and catch her DJ set. She weaves through so many different styles and does it so seamlessly which I know for a fact is very difficult. Kike is the ONE!

Listen to Noah Slee’s new EP ‘Twice’ and check his video for ‘America’ below.

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