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Noel Gallagher is not known for holding his tongue and that’s one of the rockers best features. He doesn’t pry away from saying what’s on his mind and in his recent interview with Esquire, the Oasis frontman pops shots at One Direction, Adele, Zayn Malik, Radiohead and more.

It doesn’t sound like the biggest compliment, but coming from Noel Gallagher you know it means something, “Fame’s wasted on these cunts today. Bar Kanye. You watch him on the MTV Awards and you think, ‘You can fucking stay, you’re alright’”.

My top three quotes:

– “Does anybody give a fuck about what any of these current pop stars are up to? Who gives a shit what fucking One Direction do? Cocksuckers, all of them in rehab by the time they’re 30.”

– “Every ludicrous thing I’ve ever said, I accepted the consequences because I don’t think I’ve ever said, ‘Oh, it was taken out of context, that.’ Fucking wankers say that.”

– “Fame’s wasted on them, with their fucking in-ear monitors and their electronic cigarettes. And their fragrances that they’re bringing out for Christmas. You fucking dicks.”

Read more from the interview here.

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