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On Tour: Denzel Curry in Sydney

Flicks from a performance that nearly destroyed its venue

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2017 has already been a blessed year for hip-hop fans in Australia. Seriously, we’ve lucked out. Among recent blessings has been the vivacious presence of Denzel Curry.

Curry has a lot going for him. From the honesty in his lyrics to the power with which they are purveyed, Curry is a powerhouse of energy and zest that translates perfectly to an Australian audience. His most recent performance saw the barricades blown down by fans in the mosh in The Basement—after just the first track. The crowd were already at a level before the Miami rapper made it to the stage, owing to the finesse of his opening act, Manu Crook$. GoldLink and his crew pulling up only added to the hype, and Curry’s set left fans in an absolute frenzy.

Luckily for us, we’ve also been blessed with a visual diary courtsey of Darren Luk, who copped more than just flicks this time. After kicking it at Butter Sydney and some tourist action around the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, our resident Sydney shooter also scored some time for a Q&A. Have a read below and be sure to flick through the shots in the gallery above—and count it as another blessing that we avoided making any puns related to ‘Curry with the shot.’

DL: This was your first time to Australia. How was your experience?

DC: I didn’t expect Australia to be crazy but now I know that it’s wild as hell. Especially Sydney. They had to use security guards to keep the crowd from spilling over on to the stage because the pit kept knocking over the barricades.

Sydney surprised me through the miraculous energy that they gave off and how they know about other Florida artists when my DJ did a little medley mix at the end with all the homies back home. It just shows they know their shit.

DL: How has being a 2016 XXL Freshman impacted you?

DC: It brought a lot of attention towards the music I create, also it’s influenced me to want to be better at what I do, now that more eyes are on me. I feel like I have something to prove as to why I’m on that cover so hopefully Taboo rings that message across loud and clear.

DL: As an independent artist, what are some of the challenges you’ve come across?

DC: It’s only a slower grind than signing to a major, but it does give me time to really focus on my craft & hone my skills. I feel like I been training for awhile now. When it’s time for the big stage I will be beyond ready because of the work I put in and foundation I built previously on my own.

DL: Lastly, for people who don’t know your music or are new listeners, how would you describe Denzel Curry?

DC: Denzel Curry? Lyrical music you can lose your shit to. There’s always an underlying message even if all you see on the surface is a mosh pit. Once you actually take the time to listen you’ll see you’re getting the best of both worlds.

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