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I feel like Pharrell’s notorious Grammy hat has kind of got a bad rap, I mean sure it kind of looks like he mugged a Canadian Mountie with the cranial makeup of Arnold of Hey Arnold! fame, and I’m not going to debate that. But the hat itself actually does have a historical relevance to hip-hop culture, designed by Vivienne Westwood the hat was originally worn by her then-lover and artistic collaborator Malcolm McLaren in his ’82 video for ‘Buffalo Gals‘, and it’s definitely not even close to the wildest thing she produced in that era.

Still Pharrell seems to have a sense of humour about the whole ‘people publicly ridiculing him’ thing, and has continued to rock the hat since it’s appearance at the Grammys – and if its place in fashion’s history wasn’t cemented by McLaren it certainly has been now.

So if you’re a rich individual with a keen appreciation of the canon of popular culture, you can take a stab at winning the hat in an ebay auction. Currently it’s sitting at about $14.5k US – but with five days left to go there’s no doubt that that price will soar. I’m not sure what you could actually do with it if you won, because Pharrell can’t really pull this look off – and lets face it, you’re no Pharrell – but you’d own it and I guess that’s the point of being obscenely wealthy. Oh and don’t forget the free shipping and the fact that the money goes to charity, which I guess makes this eligible for a tax deduction. See, rich people stay winning.

Get bidding here.