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Weekly updates

The ‘super-kawaii new wave of new rave’ is how we referenced Kero Kero Bonito upon first discovery and the title still sticks a year down the track. The London-based trio have just made their American debut at SXSW and were kind enough to share an exclusive photo diary of their favourite things before they jet. They also released a track called ‘Picture This’ recently, which you can listen to here.

KKB’s Favourite Things
1) Drumsticks – good for hitting.
2) Megaphone – Sarah shouts at pedestrians.
3) Rock – we love rock.
4) Animals – looks like a person.
5) Hat – Sarah’s head is warm.
6) Camera – to do this feature!
7) Globe – planning our world tour.
8) Sky – Sarah makes stars.
9) Water – essential.
10) Table – we put everything here.
11) Computer – download our album

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