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Weekly updates

Many of you may not be aware of this, but a miracle occurred last Saturday. After days of consistently terrible weather reports for the day of our outdoor block party for issue 28, and several hours of self reflection and contemplation as to all  of the karmic wrongs ACCLAIM had collectively clocked up as a workplace to deserve a day of scheduled “heavy rainfall and thunderstorms”, Melbourne did its cliché mother nature equivalent of “PSYCH!” and came through with super sunny awesome summer’s day. NOT BAD.

Punters gathered at Collingwood’s People’s Market and were met with a Mitchell & Ness pop up store (just as well, as it was sunny as shit), free copies of the latest issue and cold brews courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery, Strongbow and Sailor Jerry from our bar. They also enjoyed equally refreshing tunes from DJ Katana, Mat Cant and Philly’s DJ Sega. We were all feeling the Philly love with a bunch of Philadelphia themed food from the PM vendors and by night fall, shit started to get crazy, Sega set the party mood and Mat Cant carried it on to fever pitch. Awesome night, if only we could have carried on after 10pm but a block party gotta end somewhere.

Thank you to Mitchell & Ness for helping us make it happen and all of our drink sponsors for sorting out the liquor and of course the People’s Market and all of our helpers who busted their asses to make the day happen. See all the pics above.

Day photography by Michelle Grace Hunder.