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Weekly updates

I make no apologies for being caught up in the fever surrounding Beyoncé’s internet-crashing, international smash #surprise album drop. I watched all those videos consecutively and was left feeling every type of way, not knowing whether to get into a D&M with my dude about how much he means to me or telling him to leave so I could have some space “to figure my shit out.”

And even though Beyoncé messed up my emotions, she could very well have saved me that day, had I known about this website. Please Help Me Beyoncé is kind of an URL mood ring for Bey fans, with a different Beyoncé music video prescribed to a myriad of emotions. All you have to do is figure out what mood you’re in, match it up with ‘What’s he done now?’ and voila – the perfect mood-appropriate video to support you through your current emotional journey. Get your prescription here.