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PREMIERE: Jaal Embraces the Glow Up on SHININ’

The Melbourne rapper follows up from his All-Stars cypher with a smooth new track that sees him rise to new levels.

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Nothing beats a glow up. That feeling of knowing you’re on the right track, things are working out and your hard work is starting to pay off. That’s exactly what South-East Melbourne artist Jaal’s new track SHININ’ is all about, and who could blame him? The young artist has generated a nice buzz in his city without any major-label assistance, not to mention having been chosen by SoundCloud as their WildCard pick for the 2022 Acclaim All-Stars. After a standout performance in his group cypher alongside Yourboymars and ThatKidMaz, Jaal has returned to the booth to deliver his new track SHININ’, an anthem to himself and his positive state of mind.

Accompanying the track is a smooth music video that was shot, directed & edited by longtime collaborators 76M (Frankie Fresco & Johnny Yayo) and co-directed by Jaal.

Speaking to Jaal on the video he told us, “Shooting this video was definitely among my favourite of all time for many reasons. I had a hand in directing and it was really focused so it felt real good to be able to curate the visuals like that. The main location of the shoot was at Chadstone too, which is where I work so it’s kinda ironic and funny to me in a way. A lot of thought went into this one from the outfits that were chosen (wearing all white to reflect the song title and meaning), to the cars and so on. I’m hella stoked and happy with how it all turned out, especially because everything aligns perfectly with the vision I had in mind.

SHININ’ marks the next chapter in Jaal’s career, as he begins crafting his next body of work while aiming to explore his musical boundaries. We’re excited to see what direction Jaal heads in with his upcoming music but for today—the glow up continues.

Follow Jaal here for more and check out the video for SHININ‘ above.

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