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PREMIERE: Mulalo Keeps Her Foot on the Gas on ‘M31 (Racing Down the Hume)’

The Melbourne spitter is here to take names on her latest single, produced by Brisbane’s Nerve.

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A new contender for hardest spitter in the country has emerged! Melbourne’s Mulalo stormed onto the scene in 2020 with her club-ready and bossy as hell first release ‘Check‘, instantly proving herself as one to watch for anyone who came across it. One notable fan of her quick-wit and tough as nails delivery was Brisbane rapper/producer Nerve, who teamed up with Mulalo to produce her follow-up single ‘M31 (Racing Down the Hume)’.

The track was the first song recorded in the new No.One Network Studio in Brisbane and further showcases Mulalo’s skills on the mic. With the title referencing the M31 Hume highway connecting Sydney and Melbourne, Mulalo takes the opportunity to shout out iconic Melbourne tracks like ‘Take You to The Movies’ by Bangs in her lyrics and lets you exactly where you can find her.

Accompanied by a music video shot at home during Melbourne’s lockdown, the track proves Mulalo is one of the most exciting newcomers to the local scene, speeding so fast in her own lane that it’s unlikely anyone can catch up.

Follow Mulalo here for more and watch the video for ‘M31 (Racing Down the Hume)’ above.

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