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PREMIERE: Planet Vegeta Spend Summer in the Suburbs on ‘You’.

The Sydney trio return with a slick Summer release.

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After a range of stellar solo releases, Sydney’s Planet Vegeta unveil the music video to their third single You. Directed by two of the members, SVNO and LKGD, the trio return in classic Planet Vegeta form. The track is a testament to their versatility and compatibility, whether trading beats, verses, rhythms or bars, Planet Vegeta have the unique quality of brotherhood which ties their tracks together through an extremely unique chemistry. ‘You’ holds the audience tight with its infectious hook, provided by LKGD who also holds down the production on the track. The repetition in the track’s chorus gives space for a wordplay filled verse from Jazz NOBODI, and a brilliant vocal flourish from SVNO.

It’s a cracking start for what is looking to be the breakout year for the Western Sydney rap group. While 2020 put them on the radar of lots of Australian hip-hop heads, 2021 should see Planet Vegeta cement themselves as one of the most unique voices in the scene, toeing the line between RnB, rap, dance and everything soulful in between.

Check out the video for ‘You’ below and follow Planet Vegeta here for more.