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PREMIERE: Slim Set and Imbi Shift Into a New Gear With Video Game Inspired Visuals for ‘Heatsink’

Working with Sonder Films, the Sydney artists add to the depth of their 2021 standout single by encapsulating the game-like grind of everyday life, and the steps needed to prevent overheating.

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‘Heatsink’ has already solidified itself as a standout single in the past few months, the meshed styles of Sydney prospects Imbi and Slim Set complement each other perfectly, resulting in a warm, sun-soaked polymerisation of electronic, R&B, and grime. The track is focused on taking a minute, so you can optimally approach everyday life. Now, the collaborative trio is debuting some sick visuals for the track, adding new depths to its messaging.

Working with Sonder Films, Imbi & Slim Set has crafted a video-game-inspired clip covering the song’s themes. Shot from a third-person perspective, the visuals take us through a series of grinding tasks, with the protagonist often becoming overheated from the pressures of a growing to-do list. Speaking on the video, Slim Set state “Life feels like a game. We level up, complete objectives, take hits and die time and time again only to keep grinding day in and day out. ‘Heatsink’ is about pushing pause, even if your task is incomplete. Pushing through with minimal hearts is usually less than ideal, instead, we opt for an energy boost, drink break, and moment to breathe as we reassess what’s best for moving forward.”

Follow Slim Set here and Imbi here for more, and check out the new video above.

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