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PREMIERE: SVNO of Planet Vegeta enlists OneFour’s J Emz on new single ‘Like We Do’

Two West Sydney artists collide to form a super duo on SVNO’s newest track.

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There’s no denying the hype that Australian groups Planet Vegeta and OneFour have right now. Planet Vegeta’s buzz has been building rapidly with soulful singles like ‘Mai Elle’, and OneFour’s meteoric rise is reaching new heights with their latest single ‘Home and Away’. It leaves no better time for members of each group to come together and strike the iron while it’s hot, which is exactly what SVNO and J Emz have done on ‘Like We Do’. This new single finds the two artists joining forces like a West Sydney super duo. They strike up an ear-catching synergy with their contrasting styles as SVNO slides through soulful croons, and J Emz handles the hard-hitting bars.

Amplifying this chemistry is the jangly groove of a guitar line and the bellowing bass of 808s, propelling the single to anthem status. The lyrics of both artists touch on themes of brotherhood and the area they grew up in, with the video further displaying their camaraderie. “Like We Do” is an ode to SVNO and J Emz’ humble beginnings, and a one-way-ticket to furthering their success.

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