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PREMIERE: Zretro Keep it Smooth on ‘Superpower’

The Melbourne R&B duo drop a clean visual to accompany their slick new release.

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Melbourne’s Zretro have burst onto the scene with their crisp brand of nostalgia infused R&B. The singer/producer duo is made up of vocalist Zima and producer 2nd Thought, a pair with undeniable chemistry. After releasing the silky smooth debut single ‘Silly Games’, Zretro return today with a visual for their track ‘Superpower’ directed by Dayne Edward.

Straight out of the gates the no-fuss MPC beat hits, followed by jazzy D’angelo-inspired plucked guitar performed by Luke Kozanski and slinky bass from Horatio Luna. The opening vocal line ‘Tell me why is understanding me your superpower? You know what I’m thinking even by the hour’ is catchy and reminiscent of iconic 90’s RnB vocal groups such as SWV & Boyz 2 Men, while the beat references crunchy East Coast production styles that bring to mind Hi-Tek, Alchemist and Pete Rock productions. Always blending influences and stepping between worlds, Zretro is more than one kind of retro.

Speaking to singer Zima on the track he said, “Australian RnB is in good hands, and as a young black man our story is not just about our fight to survive, but also our fight for love. Learning to love ourselves correctly to then give the right love. I wrote on a romantic fantasy I hoped to fulfil but drew power from the truth—that desire can motivate you and even make you feel invincible. Melody of the motherland, beats of the San. Deep harmony of Horatio, sweet tea strings by Luke.”

Speaking on the visual, director Dayne Edward told Acclaim: “The visuals focus on Zima struck by cupid’s arrow contemplating the potential of a relationship with a recent love interest, feeling all the feels at home writing love letters. The visuals also play on the song title “Superpower’ by subtly paying homage to the 1966 Batman series. Zima and 2nd Thought are officially the new Batman & Robin.”

Check out the video above and follow Zretro here for more.

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