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**UPDATE** 21/4/15 11:30am AEST: Turns out Takeoff ended up being arrested too. The trio were charged with drug possession, possession of firearms in a school safety zone, and possession of firearms during the commission of a crime – some pretty serious charges. Since then, Quavo and Takeoff have been granted a $10,000 bail. Offset was denied bail due to his previous felony convictions. Bonus snap of the trio donning their striped pyjamas:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.31.33 am

A Migos gig at Georgia Southern University Spring Bling concert series was reportedly cut short over the weekend when police requested the DJ mute the music before they promptly arrested Quavo, Offset and several members of their crew, presumably leaving Takeoff standing awkwardly to the side of the stage.

I presume the police deciding to execute the arrest in the middle of a gig was little more than a stunt to demonstrate that “crime doesn’t pay”, not in a dissimilar fashion to the end of The Blues Brothers. They were charged with possession of cannabis, possession of a schedule II narcotic and firearms possession charges. That last one bodes particularly badly as Offset served 10 months in 2013 for parole violation and already has a charge for weapons possession. The fact they’ve caught a firearms charge on a university campus also bodes badly for the group. It’s at this point unclear why Takeoff was not apprehended by authorities. Check the arrest vid in the gallery above.

YRN: The album is due to drop on June 16.


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