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While it’s slightly depressing to come to terms with the fact I am actually older than Rage, the omnipotent force in our televisions that was a massive part of Australian music and pop culture, it is great to see the Oz music icon get the respect it deserves. Who hasn’t stayed up all night at a sleepover watching Rage or had fond memories of watching it on a Saturday morning as the programming switched up to the top 40 and then Recovery came on (sad that show ended btw). I also love how they never switched up the uber 80s theme song and sequence. Or the logo for that matter.

Anyway, as a part of Vivid Sydney 2012, a large scale installation of tv sets will fill the Carriageworks space to celebrate 25 years of rage on ABC TV. Its first broadcast was in 1987 on Friday 17 April, and has continued on to become the longest running music television program still in production. The exhibition will explore the influence and legacy of this legendary TV show. Featuring music videos from Australia and around the world, the show celebrates this extraordinary time in music and the advancement of video production over the past 25 years of rage. See archived footage of guest hosts such as Nick Cave, You Am I, Blondie, Radiohead, Kylie Minogue, Silverchair, Metallica, Sonic Youth, Grandmaster Flash, Michael Hutchence (HOLY SHIT!), MIA, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Malcolm McLaren and many more.

It opened earlier this week and runs until the 17th, so if you’re in Sydney you will not wanna miss this one.