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Rhymefest thinks Kanye West needs counselling

Or maybe the busy rapper just needs some Kanye rest

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Kanye seems to have created a great divide: there are those who, like us, are still caught up in the Pablo after-glow, and using that free Tidal trial to bask in all the glory. Then, there are some who wonder if the 38-year-old rapper has finally lost the plot.

West’s very own longtime co-writer Rhymefest took a page out of Ye’s book and over-shared on Twitter. Expect he was tweeting his concern for the rapper’s health, rather than promoting Wiz’s cool pants.

“My brother needs help,” he said, “in the form of counselling.”

Maybe the pressure of dropping a whole new fashion line, an album, organising a Madison Square Garden party for the odd 20 million people streaming it worldwide, and making a game for his late mother became a bit too much for Yeezus. Or, maybe Kanye got it right in his new track ‘Feedback,’ when he asked if you could “name one genius that ain’t crazy”.

  • Words: Emma Arnold

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