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The Super Bowl is one of the most anticipated (and watched) sporting events of the year, but people are really starting to fiend for Rihanna’s new album Anti. In the newest TV spot for the upcoming televised football game, RiRi faces off with CBS announcer Jim Nantz to ‘decide’ who will be broadcast first on the channel. The coin-toss is conducted by late night host Stephen Colbert but we already know the outcome, of course. The Super Bowl and a special episode of Colbert will air on February 7, with the Rihanna-represented Grammys set to air a week later.

We assume this means that Rihanna will be making some sort of appearance at the Grammys, right? Hopefully more than just to annihilate everyone on the red carpet or to present an award. Maybe Anti will drop before the awards? As always, we have no idea what her actual plan is but we will continue to wait and, as she says herself, “I’m worth the wait.” Dammit. Check out the promo above and stay tuned for more.

Weekly updates