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People are fiending for Schoolboy Q’s forthcoming album, especially since the release date announcement (July 8, ICYMI), and even though there are still a few crucial pieces of information missing (um, hello album title?), Q is keeping the fans satiated by dropping the visuals to his latest single. The Kanye West collab had fans tripping over themselves since its release and the clip is a perfect combination of the two artists.

The video stays in line with much of Q’s recent visual drops, part conceptual, part classic rap video, and just that little bit creepy. Both Q and Kanye feature heavily throughout, with Ye’s scenes shot all in one take, through a sprawling household as well as stopping traffic on the street. Q and his (literally) faceless crew post up in near-empty rooms, while party girls and strippers make appearances at sometimes unexpected times throughout the clip.

The video ends as abruptly as the song, closing on a 1800 phone number, which we presume will get Top on the phone, although we don’t know if anyone’s tried it yet. Check out the video above and make sure July 8 is circled on your calendar, if it hasn’t been already.

Weekly updates