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Weekly updates

In a very, very spesh edition of Small Talk, we chat to OFWGKTA’s Mike G, Syd, Left, Tyler, Domo and Taco. In one of their first Australian interviews for the year, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to ask them the really important questions like why Odd Future sucks and what it’s like to be under 21. Ahhh…to be young and rascally again…

Odd Future sucks because…

Mike G: It’s full of losers.

Odd Future is the best because…

Mike G: We do things the way we see them.

Syd: We’re not.

To become an Odd Future member you need to be…

Left: you can’t become an Odd Future member.

Waka Flocka is…

Mike G: Loud

Left: Raw

I would love to collaborate with…

Tyler: Arsenio Hall

Before a performance I would… 

Domo: smoke weed.

After a performance I would…

Left: take a shit.

Tyler: dookie.

Drugs are….

Mike G: Cheat codes.

Left: heaven made.

Syd: the shit; necessary.

The best thing about being under 21 is…

Tyler: you can sneak into a bar and tell the chicks you’re 21.

Our music is made to…

Mike G: transfer emotion.

Taco: get ratchet to.

The present is…

Mike G: pretty rad.

Tyler: the fuck???

Syd: Fucking Awesome

2012 will be…. 

Left: our year, muthafucka!!!

Catch the OFWGKTA lads this month at the Big Day Out nationally and side gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.