Weekly updates:


Weekly updates

If you, like us, are counting down the days until Ta-ku’s latest EP RE ϟ TWERK drops, we’ve asked him to give us some Small Talk in anticipation.

From the impressive project of 50 Days For Dilla, to the New York inspired vibes of his LateNYC EP, and even his Scraps volumes are brilliant, Ta-ku has raised the bar for Australian instrumental hip-hop, and his latest EP sounds like nothing short of genius.

My name is… Regan aka Reggie aka Ta-ku

I live in… Perth, Australia

My EP is called… RE ϟ TWERK!

Some of the things that inspired it are… my love for hand claps, hi-hats and double four to the floor rhythms.

It’s cover art looks like… loneliness.

My favourite track is… Down Brandy

The person I can imagine listening to it is… everyone… hopefully.

My favourite mixtape would include… Slum Village Fantastic Orchestra covers.

When I’m not making music I… sell corporate health insurance.

The last thing I downloaded was… Brownswood Electr*c Vol. 3 Promo

The next project I’m working on is… Suff Daddy & Ta-ku – Bricks & Mortar EP

Re ϟ Twerk is out August 29th via ta-ku.me