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Weekly updates

Whilst we introduced you to Perth artist, The Blank, and his auditory portraits earlier this year, at only 17 years old, Henry Ascroft just released his third EP Plastic Dreams. The last of his dream-based trilogy pushes the boundaries of his earlier work, the sound is all at once rawer and tighter, featuring his own undisguised vocals and the smooth sounds of LA-based singer Steffaloo. A dream of rave after-parties, whispered lyrics and darkening bass lines, Henry warns us not to operate heavy machinery whilst under the influence of Plastic Dreams.  Download below.

My name is… Henry Ascroft aka The Blank

I live in… Perth, Australia

My EP is called… Plastic Dreams

Some of the things that inspired it are…  I gain inspiration, mainly, off everyday life. Rainy days, the ocean, mountains, hills, people, places; everything.

Tracks like Dreaming and Mirrors off my last EP and most recently Plastic from this EP, start with natural sounds; rain, a market place, a quiet stream.  I think that the world sets it’s own mood and I try to work around that.

It’s cover art looks like…  Like, I have no imagination, so I used the same three lines as last time.

My favourite track is…  Home or Plastic. I worked super hard on both so I can’t choose between them.

The person I can imagine listening to it is… Fans of chill-step wavy music. But I wouldn’t recommend listening to it while driving, you might fall asleep.

My favourite mixtape would include… Music for sure! But if I had to pick probably:
Jai Paul – Jasmine
Jamie XX – Beat For
Burial & Four Tet – Moth
Koreless – Lost in Tokyo

When I’m not making music I…  Listen to music, watch movies, eat chocolate and generally just sit around being lazy.

The last thing I downloaded was… Andrea – Want You Back

The next project I’m working on is… COMPLETELY TOP SECRET, but it could possibly be another EP series with a new theme.

Download Plastic Dreams by The Blank: