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Weekly updates

DJs Pat Drastik and Tom Wrecks are the two halves that make up trap duo THUGLI. With sound reminiscent of EDM sweethearts RL Grime and Baauer, it’s not hard to understand why the trap community have welcomed the Canadian beatmakers with open arms. The longtime friends began their careers on a diet of VHS instructional videos and DJ battles before deciding to collaborate as THUGLI in 2012 when they dropped their debut mixtape, Take Off. It’s been uphill since then, with big names like Diplo and A-Trak dropping their music, THUGLI are well on their way to trap stardom. 

Our name is… THUGLI.

By day we… make music.

By night we… play music.

Our favourite TV show is… Family Feud and Seinfeld.

The last movie we watched was… Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

The first album we ever bought was… Mobb Deep – The Infamous.

The last was… All City – Metropolis Gold [Reissue].

If we weren’t making music we would probably be… pro skateboarders.

We’re addicted to… good food and good music.

The best thing about touring is… travelling the world and discovering new things.

The worst thing is… eating crappy fast food on the go.

Our perfect gig would involve… our closest friends and an open minded crowd.

The first gig we went to was… A-Trak in Ottawa, right after he won DMC World Finals.

The most important thing on our rider is… water and fruit.

Our hangover cure is… water, Advil, smoking that good green, and sleep.

People always ask us… how did we come up with our group name?

If we could only eat one thing for every meal, it would be… chicken wings.

Our favourite YouTube videos are… JIT GOING HAM or Deez Nuts. [Check them out in the gallery above!]

Our computer’s wallpaper is… A picture of Wilford Brimley on a horse yelling “Diaaaabeeetusss”.