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Weekly updates

The third compilation of Uncomfortable Beats features emerging beat-makers curated by Melbourne’s Able8. Comprising of some of Australia’s most innovative artists including RunForYourLife and Kit Pop (see track list below) it will be launching alongside the Lapalux and oOoOO gig at Revolt Melbourne Art space on May 25th. We catch up with the man behind the beat-tape for some Small Talk.

My name is… David aka Able8.

I live in… The future.

The album is called… Uncomfortable Beats: Trinity. It’s our third compilation album to date.

It came together because… Myself and the team put the hours in to make it happen, but also because it NEEDED to happen. Australian beatsmiths are in need of more platforms to establish themselves to a worldwide audience. We are all so closed off over here (In OZ) to the epic-ness that is the rest of the world.

Some of the things that inspired it are… The awesome rising talent of Australia’s new super-producers, and a passion for good music that deserves to be represented to the fullest.

It’s cover art looks like… Intergalactic Geometry, Triangles designed by Numode (Berlin).

My favourite track is… All of them! Each artist brings a different flavour and style to the comp. We really appreciate diversity.

The person I can imagine listening to it is… Clutching their headphones, nodding their heads in deep isolation.

My favourite mixtape would include… Too many to mention but I’m really feeling a lot of the future garage mixes I hear coming out of the UK recently, and the heavy use of vocal chops.

When I’m not making music I… Am DJing or performing, living on the internets, beers with friends, and organising events! Oh and erm…playing Diablo 3.

The next thing I’m working on is… A solo EP for Hopskotch Records later this year, a release with London based MC Benny Diction, an EP with my good mate Ghostoul and another EP with Syreneyiscreamy from RunForYourLife.

Track listing:

1. Master Of Ribongia – Antimatter
2. Boss Mode – Get Shwilly
3. Able8 – Street Talk
4. Rachel Haircut – Flower Cap
5. Ghostsoul – Caught In The Unreal
6. Johnny Hooves & L-Que – Shadows
7. Run For Your Life – Burple Haze
8. Kit Pop – Clouded

For more release information visit uncomfortablebeats.com and get your tickets to the launch before they sell out here.