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First and foremost I am not a fan of Lil B‘s music.

What started as (like everything else on the internet) an inside joke on 4chan’s /b/ in 2010 which I “lul’d” at for the first few months has now gone way too far, to the extent that the trolls of the internetz have somehow managed to convince the rest of the world that Lil B is in fact a genius. They say the Based God is consciously acting like a absolute moron, saying moronic things and looking like an all-round tard as some sort of escapist life performance art piece that makes us reflect on the boundaries we set ourselves, barriers we need to break down and challenging the status quo. They say his ethereal songs enlighten hip hop fans, his lyricism paints vivid dream-like pictures and prompts self-contemplation that transcends any music that has come before him.

Now you have every right to believe in those things (just like I have every right to tell you you’re a fucking idiot), but my contention is that Lil B is a half decent rapper who now, like a 15 year old girl who doesn’t get enough of daddy’s attention, continually resorts to shock and awe tactics and “OMG RANDOM” lyrics to keep the hype machine’s eyes on him and relies on bottom rung meme consumers who haven’t figured out that the joke isn’t funny any more (just like rickrolling or planking or other faggotry) to keep his own delusions of grandeur afloat after buying into his own hype.

“What do you have to back up these wild accusations?”, self-proclaimed-ironic-rap-nerd-under-grad-with-an-internet-connection asks, “are you just butthurt because Based God fucked your bitch bro?”

Well I’m glad you asked, bro. Last night Lil B was invited to NYU to hold a guest lecture where he talked for about an hour and a half about his vision for his music, his own mantras and the state of the world, the whole time wearing a bindi. What ensued gave insight into Based God fans and the delusional rantings of an idiot. Watch the video above and tell me that didn’t it back up everything I just laid out.

For further evidence of the lameness of his fans and his own lack of intelligence you can even hear the full lecture here, where in one part he proclaims:

“Y’all make me feel gorgeous, but sometimes you go to the mirror like, “Oh my god, I’m not that gorgeous.” But it’s all from your heart though, and that’s why you can always feel gorgeous, one hundred percent. To say “I’m not that gorgeous” is only a reflection of the media. You are gorgeous. I’m telling you.”

For more quotables from the lecture you can go to Complex.com, where (you guessed it) they made a list of them.

Now the irony doesn’t escape me, I think the whole situation is funny as hell. But when there’s people genuinely trying to explain and break down why they think Lil B is a genius-in-dumb-ass’-clothing, reading way too far into his lyrics and put him on XXL Freshman lists, saying he was one of the best rappers out in the last decade you have to starting when does the joke end, and you become the joke?