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Solange speaks to Yale University on the new wave of Pop Activism

An exploration of A Seat At The Table, Bowie, Prince, and everything in between

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‘Let’s do this proper and correct,” comes the voice of Daphne E. Brooks, professor of African American studies and Theatre Studies at Yale University. Proper and correct it is done indeed, as minutes later, Solange Knowles enters.

Coming forward as a part of the Yale conference, her talk was aptly titled ‘Everybody Still Wants to Fly: Activism In Pop from Prince to Solange.’ Having been blessed with the sister interview of our dreams only days ago, this conversation goes 20 levels deeper than we ever could have hoped. After they run overtime at the one hour mark, Solange says “I don’t have to go,” and continues giving us life for an extra 15 minutes.

Speaking with Brooks, the conversion is centred around her groundbreaking record, A Seat At The Table. From there, the conference details the lives and the culture surrounding Prince and David Bowie respectively, and the movements their legacy has inspired. Coming in at just over an hour, it’s well worth a listen as two incredibly intelligent women break down the role of music with a message. Give the audio a go in the gallery above, pour yourself some tea and let the musings of one of this centuries greatest pop-thinkers inspire you all over again.

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