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If you’ve headed to Death Grips’ YouTube page in recent times to check out their clips ‘The Money Store’ or ‘ NO LOVE DEEP WEB’, you would’ve been met with that awkward YouTube error message that rears its ugly head every time a clip has been removed from a channel.

Once upon a time, all of the tracks from both albums were available for streaming in playlist form. Now all but the last two tracks from NO LOVE have been removed.

Both of those albums were connected to the group’s ill-fated relationship with Epic Records, with Epic and it’s parent company Sony Music Entertainment having the tracks removed due to a ‘copyright claim’.

Death Grips’ self-released first album in 2011, Exmilitary, is still available for streaming on YouTube, as are all of their music videos.

Read the interview with the guys featured on Pitchfork here, and we’ve also included a clip for you to watch of Death Grips talking about purposefully getting dropped from Epic, via Pitchfork TV, which you can watch above.