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Sunday nights are usually spent moping around, feeling blue about everything you could’ve achieved during the weekend but didn’t, while dreading having to clock in at your job the next day. We probably can’t get you off work but we can suggest a better way to spend this upcoming Sunday night.

Two of Melbourne’s hardest working DJs (and CRXZY SXXY CXXL reps) Jade Zoe and SAL are putting on an epic seven-hour party dedicated to the best of UK sound—grime, garage, and dancehall— so you know things are going to get rowdy.The girls have also suggested a dress code: track suits, obviously, so your comfort level can be at an all-time high. Punters will be sure to fill out Melbourne’s Ferdydurke, with free entry giving you even more reason to risk that Monday morning hangover.

Still not 100% sure? Take a scroll through some tracklist inspiration in the gallery above and then assemble the crew for this Sunday night.

Feat. Jade Zoe and SAL
Sunday June 26, 7pm – 1am
239 Lonsdale St


Weekly updates