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Weekly updates

The Queen Bey is definitely back and she wants you to bow down, bitches. The latest track to surface from her upcoming project is the trap/opera double-hitter Bow Down/I Been On, produced by beatmaker du jour, Hit-Boy. Complete with Instagram-friendly cover art, Bey looks to be stepping out of her good-girl shadow on this one.

It’s certainly a far departure from the humble, husband-serving personality that came standard in previous releases, and thank the Lord for that. While the short sample of Bow Down showcases Beyonce’s trademark powerhouse vocals, the screwed rap/spoken-word portion of I Been On will really get you. With lyrics like “H-Town vicious, I’m so crown, bow down bitches” and “The capital B means I’m ‘bout that life”, don’t be surprised if this becomes an instant girl anthem. I’ve already played it ten times back-to-back and will probably keep it on repeat until the next track drops. Click play below to check it out for yourself.