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Premiere: Tasman Keith Drops a Tidy Visual for ‘Billy Bad Again’

The Bowraville-born, Sydney-based rapper pairs his new joint with a tour of the city.

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Bowraville’s finest, Tasman Keith, has returned with a catchy new tune, paired with an equally as eye-catching video. Dropping the track via his own label Mission Famous Music, Tasman explained the origins of his new banger to Acclaim. “‘Billy Bad Again’ came from a semi-frustrating studio session with my producers, Kapital J and James Mangohig. I was too focused on forcing out as many songs as I could. James had me step outside for a minute, [and] when I came back in Kapital J had this beat that he said was perfect for the vibe we were in. It was this aggressive yet braggadocious instrumental that reminded me to have fun with it and talk my shit. ‘Billy Bad Again’ is the side of me that is confident and unapologetic, it’s about being that guy wherever you are and for me it’s my turn to show that through my music, whilst throwing in two Adam Sandler movie references.”

Determined to use his platform to give a voice to the voiceless, Tasman recently shared the Mission Famous documentary. The documentary takes the social justice messages of his music to a new medium and provides insights into the extreme highs and lows of life in Bowraville, ultimately shining a light on the achievements of his hometown.

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