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Tessellated’s Guide to the Jamaican Music Scene.

Off the back of his latest single ‘No Ansa’, the Kingston-born artists breaks down some of his favourites from the local scene.

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Weekly updates

One of the most exciting young talents in Jamaica right now, Tessellated is building on the international hype surrounding him, as he teams up with emerging Nigerian act Crayon for the release of his latest single ‘No Ansa’.

While with influences that span jazz, R&B & hip-hop, Tessellated remains true his Jamaican roots and infuses the sounds with a base of reggae and dancehall. To celebrate the release of No Ansa, we linked with Tessellated to hear about his favourite artists from Jamaica’s thriving music scene.

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01. Zac Jone$

Right at the intersection of West Coast hip-hop & Jamaican dancehall, Zac brings the best energy from both together while keeping both of their essences pure.

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02. Naomi Cowan

Naomi perfectly captures that old-school classic reggae energy & brings it into the modern day with ease with her own style. No need for further explanation, the music says it all.

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03. Lila Iké

Lila comes equally equipped with melodies and bars, super consistent artist.

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04. Sevana

Sev’s sound is almost unexpected of a Jamaican singer, but I love it even more for that, its true to her own vision.

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05. Runkus

Crazy flows, crazy melodies, Runkus never disappoints.

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06. PRG Kid

PRG is one of the most solid songwriters on the island, hooks on point, verses on point, can’t ask for more.

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07. Royal Blu

Blu has his own unmistakable style that keeps you coming back, and also some of the best videos anywhere (big up Ikem Smith).

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08. JLL & Iotosh

Additionally, production-wise I have to give props to JLL – who produced Mango by Sevana & Hype by Royal Blu, as well as Iotosh who produced Miss Jamaica by Zac Jone$ & 99% by Runkus. Two amazing young producers changing the face of Jamaican music

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