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The Cool Kids return with a new sketch series, ‘Shit Show’

Not what we were expecting but we'll take it

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The Cool Kids have been playing with hearts of fans for years now. While the alternative hip-hop duo dropped two singles last year in ‘Running Man’ and ‘Connect 4’, there has been no update on a new full-length. In fact, the duo of Chuck Inglish and Sir Michael Rocks haven’t dropped a record since 2011’s When Fish Ride Bicycles.

However, it seems the Cool Kids have been stirring from their lengthy slumber. But instead of dropping even more new music, the duo have announced their new project in the form of… a sketch show.

That’s right, Inglish and Rocks are teaming up to bring you their new side-splitting sketch show which has been whimsically titled Shit Show.

Earlier this week Sir Michael Rocks announced the new show via Twitter. He also posted a trailer for the new series which seems to rival the utter peculiarity of The Cool Kids’ music.

The trailer is clustered with fuzzy, retro aesthetics and superimpositions of firing assault rifles. It also features Mikey sporting a blonde wig and playing the role of street reporter ‘Lance Bingemton’ who is supposedly “reporting goddamn live”. We don’t know where from.

This is currently the only information known about the sketch series. However, a Shit Show twitter page also launched last Tuesday. Make sure you follow @ShitxShow and stay tuned for any further updates.

Check out the trailer below.

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