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The Resurgence of Miguel: From ‘Sure Thing’ to ‘Give It To Me’

13 years since its release Miguel’s classic song ‘Sure Thing’ still upholds its banger status. Looking back on the track and its ongoing virality today, we delve into the song’s current success, and how it pairs with the foreseeable future for Miguel.

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Miguel’s prominence in music spans over 13 years, having released his debut album in 2010, before going on to consistently release albums over the next 7 years. Working with the likes of J. Cole, Kurupt, Kali Uchis, and Travis Scott over the years, Miguel has never failed to provide a sweet offering of alternative R&B and electro soul/pop that feels singular to his artistry. Having come up in the same wave of R&B as artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, Miguel has been able to steer clear from being boxed in, stamping out an archetypal sound that his fans all identify with. His track Sure Thing from debut album All I Want Is You has always found its way into the online sphere, whether it be through Vine or Youtube. More recently, the song has gained viral popularity due to its success on Tiktok, causing the song to catapult onto the charts once more, sitting within the top 20 on charts across the US and the UK. The timing of this success comes just before Miguel resurfaces with new music, making for a fortunate accident that feels both cinematic and surreal, but also, incredibly gratifying. Given the newfound resurgence of the song, we dive into the relevance of Sure Thing today, and the journey we are about to embark on with Miguel looking forward.

The resurgence of Sure Thing couldn’t come at a better time, with Miguel gearing up to introduce his fans, new and old, to music that’ll soundtrack the new era. The first insight to this is his new single, Give It To Me. It’s a genre-bending offering, that sees Miguel traverse feelings of yearning and desire. Known for his appetitive and sultry songwriting, this track is no different, spoken through the background of hard-hitting 808s, lulling guitar melodies and synths. The song outlines a beautiful dichotomy between the beginning of Miguel’s career, and the now, as it nods to similar sentiments featured in his hit track, this time, grounded in new, explorative and experimental soundscapes.

Sure Thing has always maintained an undeniable appeal, whether it be it’s catchy lyricism or Miguel’s smooth crooning. It features clever analogies that liken his lover to things that pair well together, whether it be a muse to a painter, or a match to a fuse. This kind of tongue-in-cheek writing was very common in a time where Soulja Boy’s catchy love messaging on Kiss Me Thru The Phone rendered numbers on numbers. As such, the song in its entirety has managed to sustain its relevance, and remained potent in its ability to stay on repeat. Speaking to NME, Miguel felt that the song always had something special to it. Having initially blown up on Myspace at the time of release, its Tiktok popularity has shown its initial success reflected once more, this time through a medium that has proven time and time again to create almost instantaneous viral moments. Having been used in over 23 million videos on Tiktok, the song has skyrocketed on radio charts as well, standing at No.15 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the overall top 10 on US radio. The song has also hit top 5 in the UK, being named as the 6th biggest song of the year thus far,  As such, the track will go down in history as one of Miguel’s most renowned tracks to date.

Miguel’s constant drive and success has solidified him as a pioneering R&B figure, with this new era being the cherry on top of an already buzzing music career. If the serendipitous nature of his music means anything to the music universe, it’s that Miguel is back, bigger and better than ever before.

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