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The Valve Sounds guide to surviving a mid-week hangover

How to keep morale high after going up on a Tuesday

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Valve Sounds have been growing their presence in the Australian music scene steadily for the past two years, beginning their journey in the realm of artist management for UV boi فوق بنفسجي, and quickly expanding their roster to include a variety of talent including the freshly signed Levi and Maya Hirasedo. So it is inevitable that they would evolve into an imprint of their own, to house the music they love and present it to the public in a way that they know works best. Well, duh. Valve Sounds know their market and consequently champion fresh and fun Australian talent that know how to party. And what better way to cook the books than to take over the Queen’s Hall at the State Library Victoria for a huge Melbourne Music Week event?

Valve Sounds have enlisted their friends Yeo, Young Tapz, Nasty Mars, Big Words, Junor and Alice Ivy to get loose in the library, with a guest performance from Swedish Bad Gal Elliphant (You do remember her from Mad Decent, right?) to really get things fired up. Because *adulthood* we had the foresight to slide in some DMs to decipher what coping mechanisms these artists use to battle the existential crisis that comes after partying on a “school night”. No sus.

Read on then stock up, suck it up and come party with the lot of us at the Valve Sounds party this Tuesday 15th November. Tickets are available here.


01. Maya Hirasedo

Drink more booze.

02. Nasty Mars

Watch Steven Universe and cuddle with a cute shawty.

03. Shelley from Valve Sounds

Coke Zero, large KFC chips and back-to-back episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

04. Young Tapz

Best cure is to be like me and not drink. LOL. Nah. IDK. Do you.

05. Yeo

Battered flake/potato cake/calamari rings, Chips, Mayonnaise/tartare/tomato/Sriracha, 2L Water bottle/Hydralite, More chips, Emergency bucket if required, Netflix, Quiet puppy or equivalent, More chips.

06. Alice Ivy

Eat a crumpet with honey (slightly buttered) and drink 3 glasses of water and 1 glass of Berocca before bed. Your head will thank you in the morning. Start your Wednesday with coconut water – ideally the biggest bottle you can find.

07. Junor

Drink a full bottle of Gatorade before you sleep. Repurpose that Gatorade bottle when you wake up. Live the sesh.

08. Big Words

Belles Hot Chicken, Banh mi from N.Lee Bakery (with chilli), Pulled pork toastie from Aphro and Wolfe.