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Tim Westwood has opened up his extensive vault following the anniversary of Biggie Smalls’ untimely death—and the British DJ even mastered the tracks for the occasion.

The first freestyle from 1995 features Diddy and verses from his fellow Bad Boy rapper, Craig Mack. Going over a couple different beats, the freestyle clocks in at ten minutes, where the second part was recorded while Biggie was in London to promote Life After Death.

It goes without saying that Biggie spits bars on bars. A couple of lines hit a little too close to home, like ‘you’re nobody till somebody kills you.’ With his case remaining an open investigation 20 years on, Biggie fans deserve any peace of mind they can get. This freestyle might not be an answer, but it’s a huge blessing all the same. Give it a play above and listen as The Notorious B.I.G does his thing.

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