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The Manifestation of Trippie Redd’s Miss The Rage

We take a look at the history of Trippie’s highly-anticipated new single, from its TikTok virality to the community campaigning for a Carti feature.

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From his rise in 2017 to now, Trippie Redd has not missed in the rap game, continuing to strengthen his position amongst his contemporaries and solidify his longevity. Since the viral boom of ‘Luv Scars’ and his mixtape A Love Letter To You, the Ohio native has released an additional 3 sequels to his breakout tape, 4 EPs, 3 studio albums, and most recently, Neon Shark vs Pegasus; a deluxe addition to his Pegasus album that found him exploring the sounds of punk with legendary drummer Travis Barker. This output has contained the hallmarks of a blockbuster career; landing in the Billboard Top 100 five times, and achieving platinum certifications with hits like ‘Taking a Walk’ and ‘Topanga’. But even having clocked this volume of success, nothing yet has spoken louder than the anticipation of his latest single ‘Miss The Rage’. 

The hype surrounding this single is the culmination of two major things; the die-hard fan bases of Trippie, and the song’s feature artist Playboi Carti. Both have, over the last half a decade, established unique, signature sounds in the rap game, with Trippie enticing listeners with his passionate croons, and Carti doing the same with his off-kilter, squeaky flows. So when Trippie shared a snippet of the track on Instagram in December last year, their respective subreddits went into ablaze. Trippie fans were pulling any semblance of an extended version they could find to share with their fellow enthusiasts, and Carti fans were imaging his sleek delivery over the reverse synth-heavy, Loesoe-produced beat. 

Shortly after, the demand for this song expanded from the realms of Reddit, and into the open-world universe of TikTok, becoming a staple sound amongst content creators. Over the last year, snippet teasing on TikTok has become a trend. Lil Nas X notably had been sharing teasers for his now smash-single ‘MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)’ throughout his profile, growing the eagerness of his fans to hear the fire he had in the tuck. But ‘Miss The Rage’ was a different story, as the promotion of this snippet was handled organically by fans who were, pun intended, missing the rage. The campaigning for Carti’s appearance also became stronger, with now-deleted, fanmade versions of the collaboration surfacing on Soundcloud and Youtube. 

All this anticipation started to manifest in March of this year, where Trippie, in a since-deleted Instagram post, shared a screenshot of texts with Carti confirming his involvement. This held the rap community over until Monday 4th May, when the song was finally confirmed for release. Since its Friday drop, the song has garnered over 9 million streams on Spotify and over 5 on its corresponding animated music video. The hype was indeed real.

Speaking to XXL, Trippie explained the inspiration behind creating ‘Miss The Rage’, stating that “I been locked away. I’m one of them people that’s at the festivals, I come out going crazy out the rips. I’m ready to get back to my stage presence. I’m tired of sitting in the house ’cause that’s all I been doing.” And while he hasn’t been able to hit the stage yet, this single created a whole new type of rage, in the URL universe. From the early days of the snippet, fans had been clamouring for this track and doing all they can to spawn its release via subreddits, TikTok, and unofficial edits. Now, equipped with the highly-demanded Carti feature and Loemoe soundscapes still intact, ‘Miss The Rage’ is inspiring mosh pits in bedrooms around the world.

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