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Trippie Redd’s ASMR is creepy as hell

Slime, wind-up toys and "The Number of the Beast." Does Trippie want give us head tingles or nightmares?

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Jumping on the internet’s obsession with ASMR, WAV media have released a series of videos that combine hip-hop and head tingles. For the uninitiated, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It describes the feeling of a calming tingle that starts at your head and spreads down your spine; usually trigged by soft, pleasant sounds. That’s where the videos featuring ultra-sensitive boom mics comes in.
The first of WAV’s Dreamscapes series features Trippie Redd, in an episode aptly titled ‘Sweet Nightmares’. Trippie coughs, winds a jack-in-the-box, crushes crunchy slime, and sighs his way through the six minute video. He also whispers sweet nothings like “What is the meaning of 666?” and “You could die in your sleep.” Thanks.
According to Hot New Hip-Hop the next few episodes are set to feature Bhad Bhabie, MadeinTYO, Father, and more. You can watch Trippie Redd’s ASMR video above. Headphones recommended.

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