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Tyler, The Creator levels with Vince Staples on radio

An interview that proves Tyler needs his own talk show already

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DJ Sting Daddy aka Tyler, The Creator sat down recently with young Vince Staples for an interview that makes us wish these two did this on the regular. It’s an interesting conversation that ranges from the balance between music and it’s complementary artwork to Pitbull concerts, whilst maintaining a steady level of humour and wit the whole time.

These two creatives are very much in a league of their own, owing to their analytical natures. The thirty-minute convo breaks down a heap of issues in a really accessible manner, and if you weren’t already a fan, it’s hard not to be after such honest dialogue.

Although they both noted that it’s a bit full-on how people are always asking for new music, the cool news is that Tyler confirmed in the comments section that his new album will be here before July. And Vince started talking about making a new album towards the end of the clip as well. So, they might not be huge fans of the heavy demand but at least they’re on the supply.

Yet the real shining star of the video is Jasper Dolphin, playing on his Nintendo DS the whole time. Check it out for yourself in the gallery above.

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