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Tyler, the Creator performed a brand new banger at his Golf Wang fashion show

Because just releasing a new season's worth of clothes wasn't enough

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When we first heard word of the Made LA fashion event showcasing Tyler, The Creator’s label Golf Wang, we knew we were in for something wacky. With a rotating set, a skateboard ramp, an Oprah-esque giveaway and a cheeky cameo from Kanye, the show definitely went above and beyond. Just to really make sure he pulled out all the stops, we also copped a brand new track ‘My Ego.’

The track saw Tyler calling out the UK’s home secretary in the first line after she banned Tyler from entering the UK, as he spat “Tell Theresa May to let me in / I’ve been going in since 2010 / It gotta be the color of my skin / Cause there’s n****s there / That doing more damage than my pen”. This ban came based off some lyrics from his 2009 song ‘Bastard’ and his 2011 song ‘Goblin’. With that setting the tone, the song goes in thereafter and doesn’t ease off for a minute. We were already losing our minds before the strobe light came in and after that it all just escalated to another level.

Check out the clip above for yourself, as well as a version that allows you to get a better listen to the lyrics. And seriously soak it up, because the rapper says it’s never going to be recorded or performed live, so at least he killed it on stage.



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